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Making decisions about psychotherapy is difficult:

  • Is psychotherapy the right solution?
  • And if so, what type?
  • Or is counselling a better option?
  • And what is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy, anyway?
  • Or would it be better to see your GP for a prescription?
  • Or is the solution a practical step, like taking a difficult decision or leaving a horrible job, or relationship?

Even at the best of times, this is hard. But of course you are not in the best of times. Anxiety, depression or other psychological distress makes it ten times harder to understand what’s going on and take a decision.

You need support, and that is what I offer. I’ll help you take stock of your situation, and advise you on the best thing to do. I may or may not advise therapy (quite often I don’t). If I do, we may or may not agree that I am best person for you.
Whatever the answer, you will know what to do, and have the confidence to do it.

To book a session, look at the calendar of available appointments below. Note – these are the times available for assessments. If we decide to start a course of treatment, we will agree a regular time. This could be evening or weekend it that is what suits you best. The fee is £70. The first session is payable on booking.

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